As part of the 9.0 release Zerto has added a new PowerShell cmdlets module to help users perform actions via PowerShell or PowerShell scripts.

Please note the old snapin cmdlets are no longer supported starting from Zerto 9.0. To find out more information on the differences between the old snapin and new cmdlets module check out this document.

How to Install the Cmdlet

The new Cmdlets and can be found on the PowerShell Gallery. PowerShell 6.1 or above is required for the installation to be successful. You can install the Cmdlets with only a few commands.

Find-Module -Name Zerto.Zvm.Commandlets
Install-Module -Name Zerto.Zvm.Commandlets

Once you have installed the Cmdlets you can check the installation has been successful by using the following command.


To list all the available Cmdlets use the following command.

Get-Command -Module Zerto.Zvm.Commandlets

For more information on using the PowerShell Commandlets please see the following links.